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Installation of a Solar Power System

How to install a solar heat power system

Since 1997 there exists an advisory service (phased out on Dec. 31, 1997; succession program planned to start in spring 1998) in the FRG for residential buildings which received their planning permission before 1984. For further information specialized trade, solar-associations and manufacturers can be asked. 

The most important quantity for the dimension of a solar system to heat industrial water is the consumption of warm water. This should be determined by guessing or measuring. When the consumption of warm water is known, the size of the collector surface can be determined. 
Graph to determine the size of a solar system (38 kB- JPG, data: thermic solar systems, market survey 1994/95, Öko-Institut, Freiburg). The graph relates to the location Freiburg. The solar energy meets to 65% the demand of energy needed to heat the water. 

The result of a market survey of the Öko-Institut-Freiburg 1994/95 which analysed 480 offers revealed that there are costs (including the installation) for a solar heat power system from 7250,- DM up to 19300,- DM. The costs for most of the systems were between 10000,- DM and 12000,- DM. By installing the collector on one´s own the costs for installation of 20% can be saved. The offers concern a solar system to heat industrial water with the following key features: 4-person-household, consumption of 200 Liter of 45°C warm water per day, orientation southward, inclination of the roof of 45°, frost-resistence up to -30°C, amount of solar energy 55% minimum, location Freiburg. 

The ratification of solar systems is given by the building-regulations-authority. Responsible for the legislation are the Laender (Landesbauordnung). Usually solar systems can be installed without special permit if they are installed on the facade, on flat roofs, or if they are integrated in the roofs. Some Laender insist upon a ratification-duty for systems which spring out of the body of the house. Further limitations can be given by local building plans. In addition to this there may be regulations regarding the design of the buildings (e.g. protected historic buildings). When planning a solar heat power system please ask the relevant building-regulations-authorities for any regulations regarding the ratification of the system. 

There are different sponsoring programs of the European Community, the Federal Government, the Federal States (Laender), the Communes and some energy suppliers

Builder´s sponsoring 
From 1996 on builders and buyers who create new living space are sponsored by the Federal Government. In addition to the new building-allowance and the children-allowance there is an energy-saving-allowance, for example for the installation of a solar system. Sponsoring for the time of eight years with up to 500,- DM per year is possible, that means a maximum of 4000,- DM. The allowances can´t be asserted in the tax return as it was possible before, but they will still be settled on application by the inland revenue in the future.