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06/29/1999  Ralley of Solar and ElectricCars

As part of a fair on solar energy, the Solar Mobile Club in Karlsruhe organized a ralley, in which different solar and electric cars participated. During a stop the public could obtain information on possible applications of these vehicles. The ralley was organized in order to find out about commonplace problems related with solar and electric mobiles. Currently 90% of the soalr cars are fed  with power by an accumulator battery which, in turn, is restored by a photvoltaic system in the garage. Only 10% of the cars are fed by power that is  generated by a PV system which is directly adhered to the car's roof. (iwr)

06/22/1999 Solar Technology Exhibit in Washington D.C. 

According to a news release by the U.S. Department of Energy  an outdoor exhibit on solar technologies, called "Under the Sun" is curently being presented by the Smithsonian Insitute in Washington D.C. The exhibitis is showcasing  current technologies; it is also meant to foster new development in the field of solar energy. It was developed by the Smithsonian Insitution, the U.S. Department of Energy and BP Solarex. (iwr) 

06/16/1999 100,000 Roofs Program

100.000-Roofs-Program: 2,9 MWp Promised 
The Credit Institute for Reconstruction has promised altogether 2,91 MWp photovoltaic capacity during the 100.000-roofs-program until May 31, 1999. More... (iwr) 

06/09/1999 Shell Solar Germany Expands Distribution Network

Shell Solar Deutschland GmbH is looking for partners like roofers and electicians who secure local presence as Shell Solar Partners mainly in North-Rhine Westphalia and who untertake the customer sercive and professional installation of solar systems. Further imformation from the Shell Solar Hotline ++49-(0)180/5076527. (iwr)

06/02/1999 Solarex Acquires Minority Interests in GPV

The US-American solar cell producer Solarex has acquired minority interests in the Swedish producer Gällivare PhotoVoltaic (GPV). In the future Solarex will deliver solar cells to Sweden, GPV will put them together to modules and sell those on the European market. (iwr) 

06/01/1999 9:34 a.m. (CET)
First Solar Power System  of SAG Solar Power Inc. was Connected to Grid 

The first solar system of SAG Solar Power Inc. from Switzerland was erected on the roof of  Freisenau  industrial park near Bern. The system, which has a capacity of 50 kWp is supposed to yield 50.000 kWh of solar power annually.  The eco power stock market of the city of Bern will purchase the power. SAG. Solar Power Inc. is looking for further roofs in Switzerland in order to be able to realize more solar power system projects. (iwr) 

8:34 a.m. (CET)
SolarWorld is Offering Solar Power for 99 Pfennigs

Solar World Inc., which trades with PV and manufactures solar power plants, is offering  solar power for 99 Pfennigs per kWh. The offer is directed towards customers of power that purchase at least 40.000 kWh per year. Currently SolarWorld Inc. is also negotiating with 20 municiapl utilities about the possible purchase of solar power.

05/25/1999 SolarInvest Program of BEWAG Progressing Rapidly

The citizens of Berlin that do not have the opportunity to errect an individual PV system can obtain shares of a big system via the program SolarInvest. The shares will be issued via the purchase of certificates for the price of DM 2339. After 15 years BEWAG will buy these certificates back  for a guaranteed price of DM 3000. The SolarInvest solar system  is currently being built at the technical college of Berlin and will be finished in July. It will contain 250 solar modules (total capacity 30 kW). (iwr) 

05/20/1999 PV-Market Beyond 1 Billion $

The market for photovoltaic grows and will play an important part when telecommunication-facilities will be introduced in developmental countries. This is the result of a 162-page study of Photovoltaic Insider´s Report. The study "Power Play: Solar Electric Technologies, Markets, and Vendors" can be obtained for a price of 375 $ from Datacomm Research Company, 14318 Millbriar Circle, Chesterfield, Missouri 63017, tel.: 001-314-514/9793, fax.:001-314-514/9750. (iwr)

05/19/1999 Zero-Emission-Factory for Solar Modules Opened

After construction time of just 14 months the first European zero-emission factory for solar power modules was officially opened in Freiburg. Production- and administrative building are exclusively supplied with renewable energies (solar power modules with a total surface area of 575 m², passive solar gains, 45-kW rapeseed oil district central heating plant. (iwr) 

05/12/1999 Wednesday, 05/12/1999
Germinating of Water through Solar Power

In cooperation with the firm Vita Tec, Somborn, ISET Kassel has introduced a new prototype of a new system for water geminating through solar power. The system was introduced during the worldwide biggest special fair for environment and disposal. (iwr) 

05/05/1999 "Solar - na klar!" Hotline for Customers

During the informatioon campaign for the use of solar heat a hotline was set up by "Solar - na klar!" (solar - of course). Everyone inerested to invest into solar energy can obtain further information under the telephone number ++49-(0)190/770700 . (iwr) 

04/28/1999 ASE on Japanese Market

Angewandte Solarenergie (applied solar energy) - ASE GmbH, Alzenau, has signed a distribution contract with Kobe Steel Ltd., Kobe. In the future the Japanese company will distribute crystalline and amorphe solar modules prduced by ASE in Germany and the United States. During the present 70.000-roofs-programme Japan intends to give subsidies anounting to 230 million DM in 1999. With this sum about 48 MW installed capacity could be realized. In the year 1998 alrady 25 MW grid-connected pv-systems were installed, therefore Japan is a very interesting market for distributers of pv-systems. (iwr)

04/21/1999 Financing Conception BP Solar Plus
A financing conception for photovoltaic systems is offered by BP Solar, Hamburg, in cooperation with UmweltBank AG, Nürnberg. Everyone interested can get a 16-page brochure with information about BP Solar and the financing package of BP Solar. Tel.: ++49-(0)40/2361-1220, fax.: ++49-(0)40/2361-1250. (iwr)
04/14/1999 SMA: Noticeable Rate of Increase during the Financial Year 1998

During the past financial year 1998 SMA Regulator Systems GmbH management could increase the company´s capacity with noticeable rates of increase in all areas of business by 25 % to 48 million DM. Especially the position as market leader on the area of pv-static convertors for the connection to mains was strengthened. Altogether 290 people were employed in 1998; 52 of them were new workplaces created for the areas production and development. (iwr)

04/07/1999 09:30 a.m. (CET)
Successful Start of Solarstrom-Shares of S.A.G. Solarstrom AG at the Stock Exchange

Yesterday the trade with the first European solar energy share started at the Bavarian stock exchange in Munich. "Already the initial price of  8,00 Euro exceeded our expectations" said Dr Harald Schützeichel, director of S.A.G.Solarstrom AG. (iwr) 

10:20 a.m. (CET)
BP Amoco Invests 45 million US-Dollar in Solarex Shares

BP Amoco announced that it is to buy the 50 per cent stake it did not already own in Solarex. . The integrated company, formerly a 50:50 joint venture between Amoco and Enron, will be called BP Solarex. It will be 
the largest solar company in the world having manufacturing bases in the USA, Spain, Australia, and India and a total production capacity of  30 MW. According to the company the annual revenues will amount to more than $150 million, representing a 20 per cent share of the global market. (iwr)

03/24/1999 Solar Campaign 2000 Opened Today

Today the Solar Campaign 2000, sponsored by the German Federal Foundation Environment, opened during the international special fair sanitary, heating, clima in Frankfurt. With the campaign annually 400.000 m² solar panel surface shall be installed on German roofs. Until the year 2010 125.000 work places shall result from the project. (iwr)

03/17/1999 FORSOL Finishes CIS-Development Works with Success

Siemens Solar GmbH has finished the development works for the production technology for CIS-solar modules during the Forschungsverbund Solarenergie (research joint project solar energy) (FORSOL) with success. With the further developed CIS-technology it is possible to produce thin layer modules which can be compared to cristalline solar modules concerning efficiency and stability at considerable lower costs (see top-news of 03/16/1999). (iwr)

03/11/1999 Record Result for Astropower

The American solar cell manufacturer Astropower has published its annual result for 1998. The total turnover amounted to 23.159.109 US-$ (more than 39 % more than 1997). The turnover in the 4. quarter of 1998 amounted to 6.684.647 US-$ (increase of 48,7 % compared to the 4. quarter of 1997). Due to increaseing demand Astropower had increased the production capacities in 1998 and also an increase of sales of more than 50 %. (iwr)

03/03/1999 WWF and S.A.G Solarstrom AG Founded Initiative Solar Companies 2001+

 WWF and S.A.G. Solarstrom AG are looking for companies that want to participate in the newly founded initiative "solar companies 2001+. As  prerequisites companies that want to participate have to meet the following expectations: 1. They have to purchase a solar system with a capacity of at least 30 kWp. 2. The majority of the power generated with this solar system has to be consumed within the company itself. 3. In addition to that the solar system must produce at least 1% of the power that  the company needs. As a reciprocation the investors will receive extensive support as regards a concept for financing the system and an energy management concept as well as professional advertising opportunities. The duration of the inititative will start off with three years. The objective is to install a total capacity of at least 3 MWp. (iwr) 

02/23/1999 ISFH: Photovoltaics Qualifications

February 26, 1999 a pilot convention on the continuing education topic "Photovoltaics Qualifications," organized by ISFH, will take place in Hameln. The  concept for the project was prepared by experts of planning and trade as well as research and continuing education institutions for the electronic trade. (iwr) 

02/18/1999 Opening of First Passive-Solar Settlement NRW

NRW Minister for Building, Dr Vesper, has opened North-Rhine Westphalia´s first passive-solar settlement in Lindlar. The total costs of construction for the settlement in Lindlar, which was made to a model project by the Landesinitiative Future Energies NRW, amounted to about 2.300 DM per sqare metre living area. The passive houses need, compared to the present energy standard of houses, about 80-90 % less heating energy. This means that one does not need at all a common heating system. (iwr)

02/05/1999 Zero-Emission-Factory

Europe´s first zero-emission-factory for solar modules was finished in Freiburg. The energy supply of the factory and the administration building is completely covered by solar energy and vegetable oil. The eneterprises Solar-Fabrik GmbH, S.A.G. Solarstrom AG, Solar-Energie-Systeme GmbH and the garden center öko-shop have moved into the building at the beginning of this year. The official opening will take place in May during an open day. (iwr)

01/29/1999 S.A.G. Plans Two New PV-Systems in Switzerland

Solarstrom AG (S.A.G.) (solar electricity AG) plans two new photovoltaic systems in Chur and Bern. The systems with a capacity of 100 kW and 50 kW shall probably be opened in spring. (iwr)

01/27/1999 MV-Minister for Environment, Methling, for Solar Energy

Minister for environment of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Methling, has voted for an intensified use of renewable energies ( see IWR-news of 01/18/1999). Concrete measures were taken by the association Solar Initiative Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (SIMV e.V.). Some of the projects are the establishing of a solar center in Mecklenburg and the support of a Eurosolar-Networks conference. Altogether 3 million DM are available in 1999 for measures for climatic protection. (iwr) 

01/22/1999 Solar Energy Subsidy in Wuppertal

During the subsidy programme "Renewable Energies" of Wuppertaler Stadtwerke (public works of Wuppertal) from 1992 till 1998 177 solar thermal systems (71 in 1998) with a total panel surface of 1.494 m² and 171 photovoltaic systems (48 in 1997 and 42 in 1998) with a capacity of 505 kWp were supported. At present operators of photovoltaic systems get 56,6 Pf/kWh compensation for feeding solar energy into the net. (iwr)

01/20/1999 Solon AG Takes Over Energiebiss

Berlin Solon AG for solar technology has taken over 100 % of the shares of Fa. Energiebiss GmbH distribution and assembly, seated in Berlin, as attested by a notary on December 22., 1998. The selling price amounts to 450.000 shares without nominal value. Due to the capital increase the capital stock of Solon AG for solar technology will be increased from 10 million DM to 12,25 million DM. (iwr)

01/15/1999 100.000-Roofs Programme Running on the Spot
According to a survey of the special information service "Solarthemen" the most important banks are not able two weeks after the start of the 100.000-roofs programme to inform their customers about solar credits and aids. "Branchenblatt" reports that until now none of the big banks was able to give information about how they wanted to put into action the market introduction programme. The support programme intends to provide non-interest-bearing loans for a period of ten years. After nine years one can be released from the final payment of 12,5 %. Another possibility for the banks besides the loan is to pay the subsidy sum of the loans as aid that has not to be paid back. None of the big banks asked by "Solarthemen" (e.g. Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, Dresdner Bank, and BfG Bank) could give any information about the implementation of the support programme. Some banks do not even know aboaut eh possibility of paying the subsidy value of the loan as aid. In general the accumulated support of photovoltaic systems by federal- and state-loans is possible. (iwr) 

40th Anniversary of HMI
The Hahn-Meitner-Institut (HMI) celebrates its 40th anniversary on Friday, 14. June, in the Glienicker Str. 100, 14109 Berlin. With more than 900 employees the HMI does scientific fundamental research and applied research. On the area fo solar energy it deals with the photovoltaic and photoelectrochemical transformation of solar energy. (iwr) 

01/13/1999 Market Charts Solar Energy Available

From now on there are additional market data available under the heading Germany (e.g. installed collector panel every year in Germany, development of the totally installed PV-capacity in Germany). (iwr)

01/08/1999  Solar Radiation Maps on the Internet

Under the heading solar climatology and in the category radiation maps you can find a link to solar radiation maps made by the Institute of Construction Physics and Solar Energy of the University  of Siegen. (iwr)

01/07/1998 First Producer of Naturstrom On Contract

Naturstrom Corp., Düsseldorf, signed on the first producer, a photovoltaic system with three kWp in Weil at the Rhine (Southern Baden). Trinationales Umweltzentrum e.V. (TRUZ) (Tri-National Ecologcial Center), a center consisting of 45 organizations from Germany, Switzerland and France operates the photovoltaic system. Since the beginning of this year Naturstrom Corp. has sponsored the PV system, and all costs are covered. Naturstrom Corp. is obliged to take up at least 1% of  photovoltaics power. The TRUZ-operated solar power plant, which is supposed to yield 2700 kWh annually, will be able to cover the need of the first 90 Naturstrom customers. Power from Naturstrom has been available since the beginning of the year. Contact: Hellen S. Wobst, phone: ++49-(0)211/7709686-21 or ++49-(0)172/2179686. (iwr)


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