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Hello and welcome to the IWR, an institute of the renewable-energy-industry. Read informations about renewable energies from the Internationales Wirtschaftsforum Regenerative Energien IWR (a German based Renewable Energy Industry Institute) in your language or choose to our new global web site renewable energy industry with daily energy news, original renewable energy press releases (press service renewable energy by E-mail), company network, products and informations in different languages.

Please use the machine translation tool from to see and read the German website informations (renewable energy business) and the IWR-newsticker in your language just in time:

The direct-path to read Top-NEWS (note: only machine translation):

Please note:
1. The translation of our website is a machine translation by the search machine "google". So, quality of translation is not always well, but you can read our news always 'just in time'.

2. If you read in the news at the beginning the word 'cathedral', it means the town Muenster in Germany and is one of the machine-translation problem by google.

3. IWR-Firmennetzwerk = IWR renewable industry and company network

4. If you wish to have business contact to companies of the renewable energy industry, don't hesitate to contact IWR by

Muenster, Germany - IWR-Online


News - Notes
IWR has launched the new international website www.renewable- The website will become a global economy and technology plattform for companies, products, the global alternative energy Stock Index (RENIXX World - Renewable Energy Industrial Index), jobs, events of the renewable energy industry world wide.

Dr. Norbert Allnoch
Director of IWR



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