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Tuesday, 01/30/2001
Future Energy AG Prepares Application Procedure for Offshore Park Arkona Bay South-East
Future Energy AG, Berlin, is planning to start the application conference for the offshore windpark Arkona Bay South-East in the first half of 2001. The location is the Baltic Sea near the island of Rügen. The windpark will probably have a capacity of 860 MW and features an investment volume of 2,5 billion DM. A feeding licence from the net-operator VEAG has been applied for and already granted. According to Dr. Andreas Brockmöller of the managing board of Future Energy AG, the company is seking a listing at the stock exchange, together with the approval of the offshore park. (iwr)

Thursday, 01/25/2001
P&T Technology AG Absorbs Spanish Windpark Developer
P&T Technology AG, listed at the New Market (WKN: 685 280), seated in Hamburg, has absorbed the Spanish windpark developer Ibero Energias Renovables S.L. (IBER). At present IBER has several projects in planning nearby Malaga, Granada and Huevla with a tolat output of 57 MW and turnovers of more than 110 million DM. This was reported by P&T Hamburg. Financial details were not announced. (iwr)

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Tuesday, 01/23/2001
USA: Second-Largest Wind Power Project to Aid California Electricity Woes
US Energy Secretary Bill Richardson said that the government would build the country's second-largest power facility near Las Vegas, a move that will boost energy supplies in Nevada and neighboring California. This was published by Reuters last week. The project was announced as some California residents found themselves without lights or power because of rolling blackouts. As demand for power continues to increase in California, Nevada and elsewhere, additional sources of electricity must be developed. The new power supply is cleaner and does not emit pollutants like coal. The wind-powered facility, to be located near the California border, will generate 260 megawatts a day when completed in 2004. It is enough power for 260,000 people.  The first phase of the project will be completed by the end of this year and will generate 85 megawatts per day. (iwr)

Thursday, 01/18/2001
USA: World's Largest Wind Plant at Oregon-Washington Border 
As announced by PacificCorp last week, FPL Energy, LLC, will build, own, and operate a new 300-megawatt wind facility along the Washington-Oregon border southwest of Walla Walla, Washington. The facility will be the world´s largest, called the Stateline Wind Generating Project. It will draw on 450 wind turbines to produce enough power for 70,000 homes. The power will be sold by PacificCorp Power Marketing Inc. throughout the West. Most of the faacility should be produciing power by the end of 2001. (iwr) 

Thursday, 01/11/2001
NEG Micon A/S: Rise of Share Capital after Exercising Conversion Option
The share capital of the Danish WEC-manufacturer NEG Micon A/S has risen DKK 297.2800,00 to nominal KK 299.400.830,00 due to the conversion of loans to shares. Three investors of conversion loans have exercised their right to exchange the bonds for shares. (iwr)
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