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Market charts for Germany

Autumn market report concerning Wind and Solar Energy Use in Germany (Experts Report of Fall 1998/99, only in German) 
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Development of the German market

Information on the IWR market charts (in German only)
IWR-Pressrelease:Windindustry doubles Turnover (in German only)

WEC market statistics, 1998
Survey of the German market: 1999 / 1998 / 19971996 / 1995 / 1994
Installed capacity according to coastland and inland areas per year in Germany
Capacity development according to wecs-capacity categories (1997) / (1996)
Development of annually installed capacities on average per turbine (1999)
Location of wecs in Germany 1995 and 1994 and German Laender
Installed capacities of wecs in different German Laender
Annual growth rate for the wecs market in Germany (1991 - 1999)

Market Shares

Market shares of the 'Top 5": 1999 / 1998 / 1997 / 1996  / 1995  / 1994
Germany's market in numbers and capacity (1982-1999)
Germany's market in numbers and capacity for coastal areas and inland (1982-1999)

Costs and Economics

Specific costs depending on installed capacity per turbine: 1999 / 1996/ 1994
Limited area functions of full load capacity depending on the installed wecs-capacity due to decision indifference (capital value Co=0)