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12/18/1998  Environmentalists and Solar Associations Promote Introduction of Solar Energy 

In a joint press release Deutscher Naturschutzring e. V. (DNR) (German Nature Group),  Deutscher Fachverband Solarenergie e. V. (DFS) (German Expert Association on Solar Energy) and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Solarenergie e. V. (DGS) (German Foundation for Solar Energy) welcomed the federal government's plan to support solar energy. However, they also mentioned that the sole support of loans with the beginning of 1999, as intended by the federal department of commerce, does not suffice to generate the necessary demand. Rather the customers should be able to get the interest rate advantages paid out to them without having to make use of the loan. DNR, DFS, and DGS also mentioned that the support program which will not be passed before the following spring, comes too late as the season is beginning in February or March of 1999. Loan programs that are being discussed do not suffice. (iwr) 

12/16/1998 First Solar Settlement to Be Built in  the Ruhr-Area  

Beginning in 1999, 77 low-energy houses in massive- and timber-construction will be built in Gelsenkirchen-Bismarck on a four-ha area. The state initiative future energies NRW announced on Monday that the plans are already drawn up, financing is secured and the area developed. Further information: state initiative future energies NRW, c/o ministry for building and living NRW, Mr Andreas Gries, Elisabethstr. 5-111, 40217 Düsseldorf, tel.: ++49-(0)211/3843-532, fax: ++49-(0)211/3843-637. (iwr)

12/11/1998  Solar Power Plant of S.A.G. Solarstrom for NaturEnergie Corp. 

Still in 1998 S.A.G. Solarstrom will begin to build an additional solar power plant, which has a capacity of 70 kWp and which will yield 65,000 kWh. NaturEnergie Corp., which will offer the solar power to companies and private households, will purchase the power. The power plant will be located on the hydroelectric power plant in Grenzach-Wyhlen. An S.A.G. board member, Mr. Schützeichel, said that the construction of this solar power plant on the hydroelectric power plant will bring into existence the first double power plant with which "clean" power from water and the sun can be generated. (iwr) 

08/12/1998 Cooperation between FÜW and WWF 

Fränkisches Überlandwerk (FÜW) offers its customers energy from solar systems, that will be bought on the free market from the 
cheapest supplier and sold for an average price of all solar energy deliveries. The testing and grading of the solar bourse is done by the environment foundation WWF-Germany. Until the end of the year 2001 pv-systems with a total top capacity of 1,4 MW shall be 
installed. (iwr) 

12/04/1998  "She-Study Award '98" for Solar Cell Development" 

A scientist of the new generation, Barbara Terheiden from the University of Konstanz, received the first prize in the She-Study Award '98, sponsored by German Shell.  The prize includes DM 10,000 as prize money. It awarded the development of a high-performance solar cell made from silicon. Due to a special surface treatment the solar cell shows efficiency rates of up to 17%. (iwr)

12/02/1998 Umweltkontor Installs First Big PV-System 

Umweltkontor has opened a 10-kW-photovoltaicsystem in Aachen. The system with an investment volume of 140.000 DM, supported by the REN-program, was erected on an elementary school in Aachen. Further information: Umweltkontor. (iwr)

11/30/1998 Application for solid Prize 1999 

31. December 1998 is the latest date to apply for the solid prize 1999. The annual award includes prize money of 5.000 DM. The prize is given for practically orientated solutions and the description of economic use leading into the solar age. Application is open for every real or legal entities with projects and initiatives already finished. More information: solid prize. (iwr)

11/25/1998 Solar Energy Use on Church Roofs 

Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (German federal foundation environment), Osnabrueck, wants to make an essential contibution to a more intense use of solar energy. Beginning next year demonstration systems for the use of solar energy shall be erected on some hundred roofs of church institutions. The project will be supported with an amount of altogether ten million DM. (iwr) 

11/24/1998  Eight New PV Systems Funded by EnBW Ecological Tariff 

Eight photovoltaic systems have thus far been funded by the "ecological tariff solar" of Energie Baden-Württemberg Corp. (EnBW). EnBW board member, Dr. Hartmut Bilger, said that EnBW intends to continue to develop promising technologies which can compete on the economic market. As an example Bilger named the energy fund in Baden-Württemberg, which is co-sponsored by the utilities companies. The energy fund made it possible to develop a thin-layer solar cell, which is suitable for industrial production. (iwr) 

11/20/1998  Solar-Hydrogen System Will Be Switched Off 

At the end of next year Bayernwerk will turn off the solar-hydrogen system in Neunburg vorm Wald, which has been operated since 1990. The system has thus far demonstrated and tested the production of solar energy and its storage in the form of hydrogen. The photovoltaic system of the research center, which is currently operated by BMW, Siemens and Linde, is being used by the city of Neunburg. Rainer Elsässer, chief of the operating company Solar-Wasserstoff Bayern Ltd., said that the system will be switched off because it does not seem likely that hydrogen can be used economically as a source of energy outside of niches. (iwr)

11/18/1998 Lecture of Dr Scheer in Ulm 

Tomorrow, 19. November 1998, 19.30 h,  Dr Scheer will give a lecture about the topic "Breakthrough to the Solar Age" in Ulm in the Ludwig-Heilmeyer-Hall in the restaurant Gruener Hof. On Monday, during the 2. international conference for financing of renewable energies in Bonn, Dr Scheer said that the 100.000-roofs-programme would probably begin in January for a period of six years. Altogether a capacity of about 250 MW shall be installed. It is not clear yet how the programme will be financed. (iwr)

11/17/1998 Shell Adapts Filling Stations to Renewable Fuels 

The oil company Shell wants to adapt its net of filling stations step by step to renewable fuels from biomass or solar hydrogen. This was announced by chairman of the board, Fritz Varenholt, in Focus magazine. (iwr)

11/16/1998 200 MW-Solar-Chimney-Project in Rajasthan, India 

Energen International Consortium will start a 200 MW solar chimney project in Rajasthan, India, shortly. The costs for the project will amount to about 700 million US-$. During the following stages of the project altogether 1000 MW shall be installed. Further information: 1, 2. (iwr)

11/11/1998  "Solar Offensive Lower Saxony" 

Yesterday the government of Lower Saxony has decided on the Solar Offensive Lower Saxony 1999 til 2003. Altogether more than 20 million DM will be allocated fo this project. Lower Saxonian minister for economy, Wolfgang Jüttner, stressed that the state wants to push technological key developments with this model project which improve the use of renewable energies and which could open up new shares of the market in short or medium periods of time. (iwr)

11/10/1998  Information on Solar Energy 

A meeting on "opportunities and the feasibility of various subsidizing models for renewable energies" will take place in Stadthaus II, Ludgeriplatz Münster, Thursday, November 12, 1998 at 6:00 p.m.. Representatives of Münster and Lemgo municipalities as well as a member of Solarenergieförderverein  (solar energy support association) Aachen will speak. (iwr)

11/06/1998 ISFH with New Internet Offer 

With a new offer the Institute for Solar Energy Research GmbH Hameln/Emmertal presents itself in the internet. Under the address http://www.isfh.de you will find bilingual pages focusing on the areas of research and development as well as the services of the institute. (iwr)

11/04/1998 11 MW PV-Capacity Installed in India 

Last year about 11 MW pv capacity were installed in India, as announced by Dr Ajay Mathur, Teri, of the Tata Energy Research Institute in New Delhi yesterday in Brussels during a public hearing about "Chances of Export for Technologies to Use Renewable Energies". (iwr) 

11/02/1998  Slowdown for PV Companies? 

Is business for PV companies slowing down in expectation of the 100,000 roof program? Read the IWR special on this. (iwr)

10/27/1998  Position and Trends of Solar Cell Development 

Tomorrow at 5:15 p.m. Prof. Dr. Wettling from Freiburg will give a speech on the position of and trends in the development of solar cells. The presentation will be given in lecture hall 404 at the University of Münster, which is located at Wilhelm-Klemm-Str. 9. (iwr) 

10/23/1998  New Long-Life Storage for Solar Energy 

The Frauenhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE), Freiburg, and UFE Solar Ltd. developed a new long-life storage (a sorption storage that retains the heat as binding energy) for solar energy. Prototypes are scheduled to be available in the fall of 1999. (iwr)

10/21/1998 100.000 Roofs-Programme soon to be Reality?  

During the coalition negotiations SPD and Greens seem to have committed to a 100.000 roofs-programme. Questioned by the IWR the european solar energy association EUROSOLAR announced today in Bonn that the new federal government would secure a future orientated and environmentally friendly energy supply. In realising this renewable energies and energy savings took priority, including also a 100.000 roofs-programme. (iwr)

10/19/1998 Shell and Eskom Invest $ 30 Million 

Shell International Renewables Ltd. and the South African energy supplier Eskom want to invest $ 30 million into the development of solar electrification in rural South Africa during the next theree years. Altogether about 50.000 households shall be electrified for a charge of $ 8 per month. (iwr)

10/16/1998 Berlin Solon AG on the Stock Exchange 

The Berlin manufacturer of solar systems, Solon AG, starts on the stock exchange. Everyone wanting to order shares must hurry up. From 14.-16. October there is the subscription period for 600.000 new shares of a value of 3 million DM. The bookbuilding-margin is between 14 and 18 DM. The share (WKN: 724 630) is noted at the Berlin free circulation. (iwr)

10/12/1998  14th Symposium on Photovoltaic Solar Energy 

March 10 through March 12, 1999, the 14th symposium on photovoltaic solar energy will take place in Bildungszentrum der Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung e.V., Kloster Banz, 96231 Staffelstein. Information regarding topics can be obtained from: Dipl.-Kfm. Eckardt Günther / Leonore Nanko, OTTI-Technologie-Kolleg, Wernerwerkstraße 4, D-93049 Regensburg, phone: ++49-(0)9 41/2 96 88-20, fax: ++49-(0)9 41/2 96 88-17, e-mail: eckardt.guenther@otti.de. (iwr)

10/09/1998  United Solar Wins PV Performance Test 

United Solar Systems Corp. in an independent, public performance test ("Solar Shoot Out"), which was conducted by Real Goods Trading Company, California, delivered 22% and 24 % more energy (amp-hours) for battery charging than the crystalline PV modules from Siemens Solar and Astropower Corp. respectively.  (iwr)

10/06/1998  Solar Campus in Jülich Opened Up 

Undersecretary Dr. Wolfgang Lieb opened up the Solar Campus in Jülich (auditorium and student dorms). The campus, which cost DM 26.5 million and which is supported by Landesinitiative Zukunftsenergien NRW (NRW's state initiative for future energies) and by AG-Solar, is a big step towards the utilization of solar energy. All buildings on this ecologically exemplary campus were built with the intent to save resources and the environment as much as possible by decidedly planning to save energy and make use of the sun. (iwr)

10/02/1998  Computer Program "Polysun 2.0" 

Nova Energie Co. (Schachtenallee 29, CH-5000 Aarau, phone: ++41-(0)62 834 03 23) offers a program that can size and predict the yield of thermal solar energy systems. The program package contains meteo data of Switzerland, Austria, and Germany (additional sites are available on request). It also features a collector catalogue (LTS) as well as options for horizon correction and the simulation of porcess water systems and systems for heating support. In addition to that a building simulation (Helios) is part of the program. The full version is available for the price of CHF 750,- plus 6.5% VAT and postage. A demonstration version can be obtained for only  CHF 50,-. A comprehensive list of currently available software for sizing PV systems and collector systems can be found on our website under the heading "EDV-Solarprogramme" (EDV solar programs).

09/28/1998  FEW's Solar Initiative 

Freiburger Energie- und Wasserversorgungs Corp. (an energy and water supply corporation in Freiburg) will offer solar power to its customers with the beginning of October. Solar power plants in Freiburg generate this power. Annually at least 100 kWh can be purchased by a consumer at an average rate of 1.60 DM per kWh. (iwr)

09/25/1998  Program for Charts of Position of the Sun 

The Department of Nuclear and New Energy Systems at Ruhr-Universität Bochum developed a program that can draw charts of the position of the sun, determine the positions of the sun in relation to the tilted surface, and specify the times of sunrise and sunset as well as the lengths of the days. The program (Win95, WinNT), which is called SunOrb 1.02, costs 50 D-marks. It can be ordered at Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Lehrstuhl für Nukleare und Neue Energiesysteme, Universitätsstr. 150, 44780 Bochum, phone: ++49-(0)234/700-646, fax: ++49-(0)234/7094158; E-mail: 
skiba@nes.ruhr-uni-bochum.de. (iwr)

09/23/1998 BSE Members on the Internet 

There is a list of BSE members and their addresses on IWR's website: Look for the link to the Bundesverband Solarenergie (BSE) (Federal Association for Solar Energy) under the heading Solar Branch/Companies  and the entry Verbände (associations).

09/22/1998 SOLTECH '99 

April 17 through April 21, 1999, the annual meeting of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC), and the Utility Photovoltaic Group (UPVG) will take place in Kansas City. The meeting is  particularly interesting for solar industries. Contact Sharon Wilson, SEIA, for additional information. (iwr)

09/18/1998  Basics on Solar Energy Use 

Starting September 25, 1998 an information series by solid on "Basic Knowledge of Solar Heat" will take place in the solid building in Fürth (Heinrich-Stranka-Str. 3-5)  On five Fridays there will be an hour-long demonstration on how solar systems work.  Registration and information at: ++49-(0)911/792035.  (iwr)

09/16/1998 Solar Radiation in the U.S. 

IWR provides  information on global radiation in the U.S. Look for Radiation Data/Maps of Potentials under the heading solar climatology. (iwr)

09/15/1998 National Tour of Solar Homes 

Annually, the "National Tour of Solar Homes" takes place in the U.S.  This year's is scheduled for October 17.  Owners of solar homes will demonstrate to visitors the equipment of their houses in terms of energy production and energy saving. (iwr)

09/11/1998 Architects' Ofiices With Focus on Solar Architecture 

Thiel, an architect's office in Münster, was added to NRW's list of architects' offices that focus on solar architecture.  Numerous tips and information regarding the topic "ecological, energy-focused and cost-efficient construction by making use of solar energy" can be obtained from this list. Architects' offices that are interested in being put on the list as well may contact IWR via E-mail or call Guido Vornholt (phone: ++49-(0)251/83-33995. (iwr)

09/17/1998  Sun Paper 

The Sonnenzeitung (Sun Paper), which has a circulation of 25,000 copies in Austria and 30,000 copies in Germany, is the most widely read print medium on renewable energies. A sample copy can be ordered free-of-charge.  (iwr)

09/10/1998  Exemplary Construction With the Sun 

The architecture week will take place in Freiburg September 17 through 26.  As a part of this week, an  event called "Exemplary Construction With the Sun - The Reconstruction of the Frauenhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems in Freiburg" will take place on the Court of the Old Synagogue (between the university and the theater) September 25.  This reconstruction complex, which assumes the space of 12,000 square meters, is used by architects and expert planners to show low energy constcruction opportunities for big construction projects.  (iwr)

08/27/1998 Solarthermal Pilot Plant for Air Conditioning 

A solar thermal pilot system for air conditioning of the ILK lecture room will be developed at the Institute for air technology and cryogenics (ILK) in Dresden. Compared to the common air conditionings up to 50 % energy can be saved and the harmful gas emissions can be reduced to 35 %. The system which is supported by the federal ministry for economy and the state Saxonia works with water as refrigerant, which means that it is absolutely free of danger. More information:ILK, Bertolt-Brecht-Allee 20, 01309 Dresden, Fachbereich Solartechnik, Tel.: ++49-(0)351/4081-700, Fax: ++49-(0)351/4081-725, contact: Dipl.-Ing. C. Schwärzler or Dipl.-Ing. R. Rudischer. (iwr)

08/20/1998 Solar Energy on th Up and Up 

Between 1990 and 1997 the German Bund and Laender have supported altogether more than 7.300 photovoltaic systems (solar systems to produce electricity) with a capacity of about 23 megawatts (MW). In comparison with the other Laender NRW is at the top position with more than 1.850 systems (5,3 MW), followed by Baden-Wuerttemberg with 1.070 systems (2,6 MW), Bavaria with about 410 systems (2 MW), Hamburg with 460 systems (1,3 MW) and Hesse with about 430 systems (1,1 MW). 
In the same period of time more than 100.000 solar heat systems (solar systems to heat water and support heatings) with a collector surface of 740.000 m² were supported, from which about 11.500 systems with 90.000 m² were supported by the Bund. Compared to the other Laender Bavaria is leading with 27.800 systems (204.100 m² collector surface) before Baden-Wuerttemberg with 18.400 systems (119.200 m²), NRW with 12.400 systems (85.300 m²), and Hesse with 9.200 systems (64.500 m²). 
These are the results of a study about the support of solar energy in Germany, carried out by the International Economic Forum for Renewable Energies (IWR). More information here. (iwr)

08/19/1998 New Support Program for Solar Heat in Bremen 

From July on there is a support program for solar heat systems in Bremen, again. The guidelines intend to support systems  up to 10 m² collector surface with an investment subsidy of 2000,- DM, and 175,- DM for every additional m². The highest subsidywill, however, amount to 3750,- DM. (iwr)

08/12/1998 Energy Savings through Light-Leading Glass 

According to Gesellschaft fuer Licht und Bautechnik mbH (GLB) (association for light and constructional engineering) about 80 % of energy can be saved by using light-leading glass for lightings. Positive side effects are an improved room climate which has impact on the well-being, the efficiency and health of the users. More information: GLB, Gremberger Str. 151a, 51105 Koeln, tel.: ++49- (0)221/8879130. (iwr)

08/07/1998  Software for Solar System Simulation 

The IWR-internet page EDP-Solar Programs has recently been enlarged by a program to simulate pv-systems, PV-DesignPro, and by a second program to simulate solar heat systems, SolarPro. (iwr)

08/05/1998 Conference "Thermal Solar Energy" 

From May 5th-7th, 1999, the conference "Thermal Solar Energy" will take place in the educational center of the Hanns-Seidel Foundation e.V., Kloster Banz, 96231 Staffelstein. The academic overall direction is given to Prof. Dr. Goetzenberger of the Fraunhofer ISE in Freiburg. (iwr)

07/24/1998  With New Energies into the New Millennium 

The meeting "With New Energies into the New Millennium" will take place in Siebenseensportpark, Ellerried 74, 19061 Schwerin August 10, 1998 at 9:30 a.m. Mecklenburg-Vorpommern's Secretary of Environmental Affairs, Kleedehn, Dr. Varenholt (German Shell Ltd.), Dr. Eicker, (municipal utilities, Schwerin), Mr. Lehmann (Eurosolar), and Mr. Michel-Kim (EASYMOD) have been invited as the main speakers. The meeting will focus on solar activities in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. (iwr)

07/22/1998  Complete Package for Solar System by Isar-Amperwerke 

For the price of 16,530 D-Marks, the company Isar-Amperwerke offers a complete package for a 1.1 kW solar system. The package includes advisory services and the installation of the system. Further information is available at Isar-Amperwerke: ++49-(0)89/5208-0. (iwr)

07/20/1998  Report on the Environment 1997 

The Umweltbericht 1997 (Report on the Environment 1997) is now available at Deutsche Shell AG, Abt. Information und Presse (Dept. of Information and Press), Überseering 35, 22297 Hamburg, fax: ++49-(0)40/63245652. The video "Shell setzt auf erneuerbare Energien" ("Shell counts on renewable energies"), a nine-minute film, can also be obtained at the same address.  (iwr) 

07/16/1998  Referendum of Citizens in Landshut 

According to press releases, the city of Landshut has to admit a referendum of the citizens concerning the cost-covering reimbursement of solar power. The administrative court in Landshut made this decision.  Landshut's municipal council rejected the referendum last September after it had received signature lists of the citizens, which are necessary for a referendum of the citizens.  (iwr)

07/13/1998  Solar Tracking System by EGIS Equipment Ltd. 

EGIS Ltd. (Equipment Society for International Electronic Systems) from Offenbach, Main, offers an intelligent solar tracking system, the so-called Solartracker, with which photovoltaic panels and sun collectors can be positioned automatically. Further information can be obtained under the internet address: http://members.aol.com/EGISrotor/.  (iwr)

07/08/1998  Serial Production of CIS Thin Film Technology Now Possible 

As one of the first companies in the world, Siemens Solar announced that it will start serial production of solar modules on the basis of thin film technology.  At first, the company wants to offer a 5-Watt module and a 10-Watt module.  According to Siemens Solar, production and usage experiences made with these modules will build the basis for the large-scale production of heavy-duty modules (ò peak performance of 40 Watts).  (iwr)

07/06/1998 Evaluation of Locations for Photovoltaic Systems 

Headed by Prof. Dr. Rüngeler, the advanced technical college of Münster developed a system, navigated by a micro-controller, with which all data can be saved and visualized that are necessary for the evaluation of locations of photovoltaic systems.  The system operates on the basis of EU guidelines in order to be able to compare locations.  (iwr)

07/01/1998 Heizmann Company New on IWR Server 

In the form of an enlarged company entry, the company Heizmann System-Elektronik is now present on the IWR server.  The company, which is located in Greifenstein, offers SHELL and EUROSOLAR modules, low-cost modules, static converters for island and network systems, PV components, solar pumps, solar toys, and thermal solar systems.  (iwr)

06/29/1998 Market Study of DFS 

A maket study of Deutsche Fachverband Solarindustrie (DFS) (German 
association solar energy) revealed that in the year 1997 solar modules 
with a capacity of 13,8 MW were installed. That means an increase of the 
total capacity to altogether 40,3 MW. (iwr)

06/25/1998 Prolongation of Eco-Allowances 

The so-called eco-allowances for the support of solar systems, heat pumps, and systems for heat recovery, as well as for low energy houses, shall be prolonged about 2 years until the end of the year 2000. The final decision on the bill will be made by the German Bundestag. (iwr)

06/17/1998 Extra Charge on Prices for Building Sites for Solar Systems 

The city of Osnabrueck has decided to impose an extra charge of 4.000 DM on building sites offered by the city. The charge will be refunded if a solar system will be installed. More information can be obtained from the city department of works Osnabrueck, Mrs. Keller. (iwr)

06/12/1998 EVS Supports Solar Systems 

Energie-Versorgung (energy supply) Schwaben AG (EVS) supports 
altogether 35 solar systems to heat water in a low-energy-house 
residential area in Ravensberg-Oberzell. During the Energy Program 
2000 the subsidies for heating heat pumps as well as solar heat 
systems were also newly raised. More information can be obtained from 
all EVS offices. (iwr)

06/09/1998 Global Market Potentials for Renewable Energies 

The brochure "Globale Marktpotentiale fuer erneuerbare Energien" (global market potentials for renewable energies) from Dr. Fritz Vahrenholt, member of the board of the German Shell AG, can be ordered from Deutsche Shell AG, Abt. Information und Presse, Ueberseering 35, 22297 Hamburg, fax: ++49 (0)40-6324-5652. (iwr)

05/29/1998 Cornerstone Ceremony in Solar Cell Factory in Gelsenkirchen 

OnThursday, June 4th, 1998, the foundation stone for the solar cell 
factory in Gelsenkirchen will be laid in presence of the federal minister for 
science, Dr. Ruettgers, and NRW-premier, Clement. The factory shall 
have an annual output of 25 MW solar cells. (iwr)

05/20/1998 Solar Settlement in Ibbenbueren 

With the building plan area "Ottenhof-West" the city of Ibbenbueren wants 
to participate in the NRW-program "50 Solar Settlements". Between 20 
and 40 solar houses shall be erected. The solar settlement will be 
introduced on June 5th and 6th during an exhibition and a workshop. 

05/12/1998 "Entrepreneur-Prize" Goes to GWU-Solar GmbH 

As reported by Sueddeutscher Verlag today the special prize of the 
enerepreneur-prize, donated by the Bavarian SPD-party, is awarded to 
GWU-Solar GmbH, seated in Fuerth. The firm was opened in 1993 and 
has 25 employees by now. The annual turnovers reach the double-digit 
millions on the sector of solar energy. (iwr)

05/08/1998 Distribution of Solector-Systemtechnik 

From May 1st, 1998 on the firm Steinberg Oekologische Haustechnik, 
Busonistr. 117, 13125 Berlin, fon: 030 / 943 80 166, fax: 030 / 943 80 167 will exclusively be in charge of distributing all products of the trademark "solector" in Germany. Solector offers a great variety of solar thermal 
systems to heat water, support heating systems and heat swimming pools. 

04/30/1998 Support in Hesse 

Last year the Hessian ministry for environment had supported altogether 
2056 projects on the field of economical and efficient use of energy and 
plants for the use of renewable energies by means of 127,3 million DM. 
About 1/3 of the subsidiaries were used to support solar thermal 
systems. Photovoltaic systems just played a subordinate role. (iwr)

04/24/1998 SOLON AG on the Stock Exchange 

For the third quarter of 1998 SOLON AG, seated in Berlin, plans to go to the stock exchange. Altogether a total volume of 2 million DM shall be placed. Each share is worth 5 DM, that means that 400.000 shares will be free for trade. SOLON AG produces modules for photovoltaics with the equivalent system technology. (iwr)

04/22/1998 About 40 % Cost Reduction for Solar Cells  

Researchers of the Technical University Berlin, Institute for 
Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics, hope to achieve 
considerable cost reduction for solar cells by applying thin layers of solar 
cells on ceramic. For solar cells with an efficiency of 10 % the scientists 
hope to reach cost reductions of 40 %. (iwr)

04/17/1998 Solar Energy on Hannover Messe 1998 

Many firms of the sector soar energy will present their products and 
services on Hannover Messe, which is open from April 20th-25th, 1998. 
Some of the firms present are alfasolar, ISE, Seo-Solar, Siemens Solar, 
Sunset Energietechnik, SunMedia, and the Solar PV Fabrik (hall 13). The 
ministry for economy and building NRW has a common stand in hall 13 
with the firms and inistitutions energie bau koeln, Laumans, Pilkington 
Solar International, Shell Solar Deutschland, and the IWR. The IWR, at 
stand C 25, paresents the economy and information network 
"Renewable Energy Industry" in the internet. (iwr)

04/07/1998 Thin Layer Solar Cell with Efficiency of 13,7 %  

A new record for thin layer solar cells could be set up by researchers of the Hahn-Meitner-Institut in Berlin. With an efficiency of 13,7 % the CIS-cells (copper-indium-selenide) topped the old record mark of 11,6 %. New at this type of cells is the use of zincselenide rather than cadmiumsulfide, which is usually used in CIS-cells. Two different thin layer technologies for the production of sinc selenide-layers were developed at the Hahn-Meitner-Institut. Throughout the world the development of such CIS-thin layer solar cells is pushed forward to lower the costs for solar cells. The main aim is that solar cells, which are in principle not very expensive, reach sufficiently high and stable efficiencies. (iwr)

04/01/1998  Rapid Increase in Erection of Photovoltaic Systems 

During a solar meeting in Staffelstein it was announced that the capacity of photovoltaics rose by 1% in Germany last year.  Now, roughly  34 MW of photovoltaic capacity are installed in Germany.  On a global scale the sales measured in MW climbed above the 100 MW level in 1997.  The Frauenhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) made a ranking of the biggest systems installed in Germany, which runs as follows: Siemens for Bayernwerk (1.016 MW), Solar World in Bonn ( 500 kW), municipal utilities in Bremen (200 kW), municipal utilities in Karlsruhe (100 kW), RWE Urfeld (100 kW), RWE Vahnum (100 kW), RWE Pfaffendorf (100 kW), and Berliner Nakgesellschaft (100 kW).  (iwr)

03/27/1998 SOLPRO- Reduction of Costs for Solar Cells 

The project SOLPRO is supposed to find ways for the reduction of costs for solar cells via the improvement of production technologies. The Frauenhofer Institutes for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) and Production Technologies (IPT) as well as multiple utilities companies are working on this project.  (iwr)

03/23/1998  Power from Plastic 

A prototype of an innovated solar cell made of plastic was invenetd at Johannes-Kepler University in Linz, Asutria.  The plastic film, which only possesses a thickness of a few hundredth of a millimeter, reaches an efficiency rate of roughly 1%.  Researchers found this out in laboratory tests.  The efficiency rate was reached without optimization.  (iwr)

03/17/1998 New Solar Factory in Thuringia 

At the location Rudisleben in Thuringia (Germany) a solar factory of the 
firm Antec Solar GmbH will be built having an annual output of 10 MW thin 
layer solar cells of a cadmium-telluride-sulphide-compound (CTS-technology). Of the investment costs of altogether 60 million DM the 
Land Thuringia pays about 290 million DM and the German ministry for 
research another 6,9 million DM. Together with the solar factories in 
Gelsenkirchen and Alzenau a production capacity of 50 MW will be reached in Germany, that is more than one third of the world´s demand. 

03/12/1998 Solar Settlement in Bonn-Tannenbusch 

The first building project after the appeal of the Landesregierung in spring 1997 "Building with the Sun" is planned in Bonn-Tannenbusch. This was announced in March by the ministry for building and living NRW. 100 apartments in Bonn shall be fitted out with solar systems and photovoltaic systems. Altogether 50 solar settlements shall be build in NRW during the next years. Until now more than 40 project entries of communes exist. (iwr) 

03/10/1998 PV-System on Indoor Pool in Herbe 

In March a photovoltaic system with a capacity of 5 kW was installed on the roof of the indoo pool in Herbe / Germany. On behalf of Energieversorgung Schwaben (EVS) the firm MHH Solar-Technik, Tuebingen, installed the system. In the future the system shall feed about 4500 kWh electricity per year into the EVS-net. The project was financed by the "EVS-environmental tariff" (see IWR-news of 03/06/1998). (iwr)

03/06/1998 Solar Energy Fonds of VEW Energie AG 

Yesterday VEW Energie AG, Dortmund, officially announced the foundation of a Solar Energy Fonds. Every customer has the possibility to take part with at least 50,- DM as single payment or annually.The amounts are doubled by VEW Energie AG, and also an initial capital stock of 500.000 DM is founded. With this fonds projects on the field of renewable energy technology and systems for research, development and education at schools and universities shall be supported. More information at the VEW-hotline ++49-180/34033, e-mail or in the internet. (iwr)

03/05/1998 Solar-Fabrik Freiburg in the Internet 

Under the address http://www.solar-fabrik.de Solar-Fabrik Freiburg is present in the internet rom now on. The solar-factory has a capacity of 5 MW solar modules per year. This correlates to a module surface of 50.000 m². (iwr)

02/27/1998 PV-System with Coloured Modules 

Teh first solar system in the world with coloured modules was opened by Stadtwerke in Ulm/Germany. With the new modules produced by BP Solar mosaics, writings , and signs in the colours dark blue, steel blue, red, green, and magenta can be realized. (iwr)

02/24/1998 German Shell Founds Solar-Subsidiary 

The German Shell AG, seated in Hamburg, has founded the subsidiaries 
"Shell Erneuerbare Energien GmbH" (Shell Renewable Energies) and 
"Shell Solar Deutschland". These foundations are the first prerequisites 
for the solar-cell factory of German Shell AG and Pilkington Solar International GmbH. The solar-cell factory, located in Gelsenkirchen, 
shall produce 25 megawatts solar-cells per year starting in 1999. (iwr)

02/19/1998 WWF Supervises Solar Program of BEWAG 

The World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) will analyse the solar program of BEWAG, Berlin, continuously. During the program until the year 2000 a maximum of 40 million DM shall be invested for example into the installation of altogether 10 MW-PV-capacity and into "green tariffs". (iwr)

02/16/1998 Stiftung Warentest Tests Solar Systems 

In its next issue Stiftung Warentest (a German organisation for product 
testing) prints a test report about solar systems for heating water and 
about combined systems´which additionally support the heating of buildings. The March issue is available from Fr., Feb. 27, 1998 on. (iwr)

02/06/1998 BSE in New Office 

From now on, Bundesverband Solarenergie e.V. (German assocication solar energy) can be contacted in the new office and information center in Munich. The new address is as follows: BSE, Elisabethstr. 34, 80796 Muenchen, Germany, tel.:++49-(0)89/278134-24. (iwr)

02/05/1998 Siemens Solar Online 

Under the address http://www.solarpv.com/deutsch/index.htm Siemens 
Solar will be present in the internet from now on. (iwr)

01/29/1998 Firm GRAMMER in the Internet 

The firm GRAMMER Solar-Luft-Technik (Solar-Air-Technology) is 
present in the internet with a new-designed homepage form the end of January 1998 on. (iwr)

01/21/1998 Energy Supply for Mobile Phones 

Fraunhofer-Institut fuer Solare Energiesysteme (ISE) in Freiburg/Germany has developed a photovoltaic-supported energy supply for remote transmitters in mobile telephone nets. The PV-Hybride System consists of one pv-system for the basic supply and one additional generator, which is low in maintenance, for periods of bad weather. (iwr)

01/16/1998 Solar Roof Initiative of the BDF 

Bundesverband Deutscher Fertigbau e. V. (BDF) (German association for 
prefabricated buildings) has started a solar roof initiative. In the course of 
this program during the next two years 10.000 prefabricated buildings shall be equipped with solar systems to heat water. (iwr)

01/12/1998 ASEW Supports Use of Solar Energy 

ASEW (Arbeitsgemeinschaft kommunaler Versorgungsunternehmen zu Foerderung rationeller, sparsamer und umweltschonender Energieverwendung und rationeller Wasserverwendung im VKU) (working pool of communal suppliers to support efficient, economical and environmentally safe use ob energy and efficient use of water) supports the use of solar energy by offering advice. Folders with information, courses for further education and PC-advice software are some of the offers. (iwr)

01/07/1998 Saarland is Solar State No. 1 

With meanwhile 30 m² collector surface per 1000 inhabitants the Saarland is now at the first position nation-wide. The average collector surface in Germany amounts to about 17 m² per inhabitant. (iwr)

01/05/1998 Training to Become Solateur 

The educational center of the chamber of handicrafts (HBZ), Muenster, offers further training to become skilled labor for environmentally harmless energy technology. One part of the course is especially about solar heat-  and photovoltaic systems as well as heat pumps and it ends with the examination to become "solateur". More information about subject matter of the course and permission prerequisites can be obtained from HBZ, Echelmeyerstr. 1-2, 48163 Muenster, Tel.: ++49-(0)251/705-1314. (iwr)


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